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About Us

About Achiwin RCM

We provide digital services for our amazing clients

In the healthcare market, Achiwin RCM is a well-known provider of Revenue Cycle Management and Analytics Solutions. To meet our clients' expectations and increase income, we have efficient workflow and business procedures. We are familiar with the client procedure and ensure that billing services are paid on time. We recognise the importance of each patient care to the physician/facility, thus we make certain that all claims are sent to insurance in a timely way. We keep our personnel up to date on industry upgrades and educate them on industry changes on a regular basis. Also, we keep our clients up to date by lowering their compliance risk.

We cherish our business clients and have procedures in place for our employees to follow in order to meet their needs and expectations. We have a compliance process in place to ensure that everyone at AimUp Healthcare follows the HIPAA privacy and security policy. Our knowledge and experience ensure that our services are delivered with precision, efficiency, and excellent quality. Quality is the driving force behind our customer delivery team, which ensures consistency, continual improvement, and customer happiness. As a result, we can apply our honed experience and knowledge to specific services.

Within TAT, we give Quality Assurance that rates quality across all dimensions. For our billing services, we use trained coders and billers to deliver the best service in the industry. Deep subject understanding in RCM processes, as well as a commitment to technology. On-time billing — Assigning equal weight to each and every claim while lowering operating costs through the use of a robust reporting and tracking system. We have a solid compliance process in place that ensures that all employees adhere to the company's privacy and security rules.